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Finding Workable Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements

Determining child custody and child visitation can be a contentious issue that can stall divorce proceedings. Alexander Korotkin, Esq., is a Rochester, New York, child custody attorney who encourages clients to work toward realistic situations that are best for the family. I can help you negotiate an arrangement that is in the best interests of the children that is also fair to the parents while considering their lifestyles.

Parenting Agreements

Parenting relationships do not end when your romantic relationship is over. Coming to a mutual agreement regarding custody and visitation saves both the time and costs of litigation and helps prevent the further deterioration of parenting relationships.

At the Rochester, New York, Law Office of Alexander Korotkin, Esq., I help parents craft parenting agreements that preserve and foster parent-child bonds and avoid the conflict and animosity often seen during courtroom custody battles.

Empowering Clients To Make Their Own Decisions

It’s your family and as a parent you should decide how your children are raised.

However, once the court is involved, a judge who has little knowledge of you, your children and your lifestyle, has the authority to make important decisions regarding where your children live and how much parenting time you have. Judges’ determinations are based on the best interest of the child, but they are handicapped by their inability to know the intimate details of your family’s dynamics, the needs of your specific child, or your family’s culture and traditions.

Alexander Korotkin, Esq., encourages clients to keep decision-making power in their own hands. Working with your child’s other parent to develop mutually agreed-upon parenting plans enables you to make decisions that are right for your family.

Rochester Parenting Plan Lawyers

Law Office of Alexander Korotkin, Esq., drafts comprehensive and well-executed parenting plans that lay out detailed custody and visitation schedules. We are proactive in identifying areas of future conflict — such as where weekends, holidays and vacations will be spent, how school events will be attended, and how transportation will be provided — and address those issues accordingly.

Parenting plans can also discuss child support, communication between parents, processes for making decisions regarding the child and protocol for proceeding in the event one parent needs to deviate from the agreed-upon schedule or decision-making processes.

Parenting agreements are legally binding court-approved contracts and enforcement mechanisms are available and specific modification procedures exist.

Is Relocation an Issue?

New York is very strict when it comes to relocation of a custodial parent. The court extensively considers many factors when one parent seeks permission to relocate with the children and how previous child custody agreements will be affected. Above all else, the final outcome is based on what will serve the best interests of the children.

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